S1362371 DOB: 2-24-06


GCH Gold Banner TCC Jennifer 3*M
Pictured is GCH Gold Banner TCC Jennifer, Paternal G-dam of Isaiah.

Isaiah was exported to Canada just about the time his daughters were kidding. Isaiah went to a buck collection facility. His semen will be made available to Canadian Goat Society members. Export back to the USA should also be available.

SSS: GCH +*B Rocky Run LC's Rogue
SS: *B Rocky Run Rogue's Conquest
SSD: GCH Rocky Run Jessie's Cherub 5*M
Sire: *B Gold Banner Montana Traveler
SDS: +*B Two Cedars Cleo
SD: GCH Gold Banner TCC Jennifer 3*M
                                 FS90 EEEV @ 5-03
                                1-11 305 2783 101 82
                                3-01 2490 82 74
SDD: Gold Banner Lonesome Dove 2*M FS89 VVEE
SDDD: GCH Gold Banner Betsie Lee *M FS90 VEVE
                        4-00 305 5020 172 3.4%
Dam: Seraphim

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